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Hi All,
We need all your prayers for Carl. He had been feeling and looking real bad last week and been tired for a few weeks. (he doesnt know I have this on the website, he doesnt know how to turn on the computer :)    anyways, Saturday night April 22, he said it was hard to breathe, he had pnemonia last year so Sunday we went to the ER thinking we would get a good dose of antibiotics. A cat scan was done and they found that Carl has an anurysm over 2" on the main artery that pumps the blood out. It is by the grace of God that this was found. Now we will go to meet a surgeon in Harrisburg on Tuesday, May 2. He will have the surgery (not sure of exact day yet) and live a long healthy life. We have to pray that the pnemonia clears up. Please pray that when I am not watching him like a hawk he doesnt forget and lift, pull, push, etc. He is to do nothing. He is on a medicine to slow his heart rate so it doesnt pound on that aorta. They said this is rare to find, he is 39.  We have been blessed with so many caring thoughtful friends and the work is getting done so he doesnt try to do it himself. Thank you all for being there. Thanks for your prayers.    Lisa

UPDATE 5-2-06 TUESDAY - Well, the Harrisburg docs called and canceled us going in today, they had an emergency by pass to do on someone else. They assured me they reviewed his chart and we will go in as originally planned on tuesday the 9th at 3. Pray that this week Carl will continue to "listen" and not lift stuff.    The sale is almost set up. We have great employees and friends, Between John Mouse, Charlene and Dave Shannon its almost done as I type this lunch time tuesday.   thanks again for your prayers   Lisa 

WEDNESDAY 5-3-06 -  Hi, I must start with the fact that last night at home, it really bothered me that I might miss names when I mention who helps, I already hadnt put many that I should have, Chris Gaver, Harry & Judy, Doc, Chris Shannon, Doris Faust, soooo many people, who we all truly appreciate, I apologize for not listing you all. So many offers of help and encouraging words that are so welcome right now.  Carl is out supervising a pick up today with both trucks to be filled. Nancy, Cliff, Tony & Tucker all keep an eye on him to remind him what not to do (they are getting used to the look he gives anyone reminding him :). All who knows Carl knows he wants to just do it. He is listening pretty good.  This morning I got a call from a stranger......she was only a stranger for a minute.....she didnt know us, her co worker Jerry told her Carl's story. Her name is Corinna and she took the time to call and share that she is a survivor of the same surgery that Carl is having, she was just a tad older than Carl. God knew I needed her call so bad today. She explained some things to me that she went thru. She gave me her phone number and said I could call anytime to talk or ask questions. Thank you Corinna.  I must stop typing now and get the pictures on the website so everyone can see whats for sale this friday. Thanks for the emails, I look forward to them. I will eventually print them all out and share them with Carl. I still didnt tell him I post this stuff. You all know how Carl is....   :)      Thank you prayer warriors.            Lisa

MONDAY, May 8 - We go to meet the surgeons tomorrow, Tuesday at 11:00 am now.
I want you all to pray that Dr Park is confident and apt in doing this type of surgery, if I feel for a second he is not we will seek elsewhere. Please pray that he says he will do the surgery ASAP   because if he doesnt I might have to knock him out! Its hard waiting! Imagine how Carl feels waiting. He seems pretty tired today and I noticed he is not sleeping. I dont know what else to say right now, I would ramble cause I am scared. I am trusting in God to see us through this.     On friday night someone told Carl this was on the website, so he knows, he got mad at me at first and told me to take it off, I told him he could take it off himself.....remember he doesnt know how  :)   he hasnt mentioned it again. I will update tomorrow as soon as I get back and know something. Thank you for the continued prayers.    Lisa

Tuesday, May 9, 3:00 PM:  Just got back from Harrisburg. Dr Park is confident and apt to do this surgery, we both like him. He showed in detail on the heart dummy he had there what Carl needed done. He told him how he would put a metal mechanical valve in and a new hose for an artory. They will last forever. BUT  Carl must take a blood thinner every single day, no ifs ands or buts. Carl will let us know when he makes his decision........................I think I will go home now and go out in my garden and sit.    Lisa

8:30 PM: still dont have an answer from Carl, he is trying to "get things in order" at the auction, the man frustrates me to no end! He is deciding when to have it done. Pray for Monday!!!!!   The doctor goes on vacation then for two weeks starting the 22nd! Lisa

Wednesday 10:15:  Thank you all for the emails. You dont know how much that helps us! We are struggling right now. Should have news for you today sometime on a surgery date.  Lisa

6:22 PM:  Well I finally have some info. Heart doc called Carl. Carl left and went to have his teeth xrayed to insure no cavities or anything to interfere with the heart surgery. Can you believe he hasn't been to the dentist in 30-35 years and doesnt have any cavities! Yeah. So I believe the surgery will be Wednesday morning. There have been people around and he hasnt got to talk much. I will let you know when I know. Pray for another week of "listening" not to lift, push, pull, etc. Anyone who sees him doing this MUST stop him  :)      I am confident he will come thru the surgery with flying colors. I am preparing for the recovery.....and the same will still apply for the no lifting or anything at all more than a gallon of milk for two months. He wont be driving for a month. okay, have to get back up here and get the pictures taken to put on the website. Hopefully we can go home before 8.   Lisa

Thursday  5:30 PM:  The surgery will be Wednesday morning if blood work and all goes well. Wednesday, May 17.....just happens to be Carls 40th birthday! When he gets recouped a little bit we are going to have a big shin dig!!! He doesnt know it yet, ha ha....We will make it a surprise!!  I stopped typing a couple minutes, sitting here spacing and planning it in my head already!  Thank you all, we really do appreciate you!    Lisa

Friday:  Hi all. Today my little honey gets brownie points  :)     You wont believe this. The nurse called from the heart surgeons today and wanted to postpone Carls surgery until the end of the month because the surgeon is going out of town the day after Carls surgery. He told them that he had everything scheduled around this surgery and wont be canceling! So we are still on for Wednesday morning. Saturday (tomorrow) there is an onsite sale. I will pray (and you guys pray too) that those around Carl will remind him to listen. I want to stay home and get some cleaning done and I have to do it when he isnt there cause he hates the smell of anything you use to clean and I have all the doors and windows open....music cranked....
Hope I wake up with the energy I think I am going to have :)     You all have a good weekend and Happy Mothers Day.     Lisa

Sunday 9pm: Hi all, Just ran up here to the auction to do payroll. Thought I would give an update on Carls "behavior" :)     On saturday morning I got up thinking I was going to clean, remember? and lo and behold for the second saturday in a row, Carl left and didnt take his heart pill......I think he did it on purpose :)   so the kids and I went to his on site sale. We ended up helping. Alot of guys helped so Carl wouldnt, Thank You Guys!  After his truck was all loaded with the tables, podium, canopies, etc...he said he would unload it no problem, wrong!
Jamie & Debbie Bowers and Harry and I unloaded it. Then he drove to Harrisburg and had his blood work done for pre admission testing and didnt get home til 10:45 pm! He looked terrible, so tired. We made up for it today. Had breakfast then slept really really late and then watched Big Mama's House 2. He is home doing the paper work and I am heading home now too. I am asking you add a specific to your prayers. On friday night when we went home after the auction, Carl sat down at the kitchen table and said he thinks he is only going to get the aorta replaced and not the valve so he wont have the clicking noise!! He hasnt mentioned it again. So pray with me that it was just a passing thought for that day after talking to so many people on friday. I wish you could all see his schedule book for Monday and tuesday :)   He is squeezing everything in he can. I am grateful not to worry about any more auctions before the surgery. I wont be coming back to Chambersburg probably for awhile. I will be staying with Carl, but you can always call the auction and ask John or whoever answers the phone. I will keep them posted. I will post again on here when they call and tell us what time his surgery is on wednesday morning.  Lisa

Tuesday 5:30:  Ok, here is the schedule. We have to be in Harrisburg at 5:30 am on Wednesday and they will start the surgery between 7:30 and 8 am. It will be several hours. I will call some key people to help spread the good news when he is done. I will let John know at the auction house 264-6578   so if anyone wants to call they can. He knows the phone will be ringing! I had some encouraging phone calls today. Thank you Mrs. Lehman for putting me/us at ease on alot of stuff. Its nice of you all to take the time out of your busy lives to show us you care and help us over this HUGE bump! I am going to go now. I have alot to do. I was ok til a few minutes ago and all of a sudden I am nervous and scared. I know God is looking out for him, us......I just have to get the kids situated where they are staying and take care of them. This is hard for them also. They are trusting in the Lord. They havent strayed far from Carl when they are home from school. Eddie is 6 and Emily is 11. We have always been a close and loving family. Thank you all for your prayers.   Lisa

THIS IS A NOTE THAT CARL HAD WRITTEN AND ASKED ME TO PUT ON THE WEBSITE: I havent read or told him anything that I have written.  I have given him and will continue to, give him all the emails you have sent. Lisa

I just wanted to take a few minutes before my surgery tomorrow morning and express my thoughts of appreciation for all your thoughts, prayers and concerns. We received so many emails, cards, phone calls, hand shakes, back pats and hugs from so many. It is truly amazing to me. Your just wonderful people. Your like family to me. Thank you for caring. I will see you all in a week. Take care.  Carl

Now its me again (lisa)  He really will be here on friday May 26 for the auction!

Tuesday, May 23 2:30 -   THANK THE LORD!!  :)  :)   :)   :)   they are big grins! My honey is doing great! He is quite tired and very sore but he is alive and will do well. The docs wanted him to stay one more day. They are adjusting his coumadin. Its so stressful for Carl there, he cant get comfortable and it was doing more harm than good to keep him. We can very easily go to get blood work done in the morning here to get his meds just right. Doc Orange will take good care of that. Its been a long week. I was not leaving Harrisburg without my honey! I stayed at a hotel a block away from the hospital after the first day. They wouldnt let me stay which was hard for both Carl and I the first couple days. Carl said, Honey, just stay til they kick you out, :)   It got better each day and sometimes better each hour. I saw him improve and look good, then I saw him start to reverse because he was too tired and needed to come home. Everything is good with the surgery, he is healing well. He will not drive for a month and not do much of anything physical for the next few. We met quite a few good folks from Franklin Co while there. We have made more friends. In my travels about the hospital I was able to make friends and witness how good God is to other patients that I would see often thru out the day. We all looked forward to seeing each other every few hours. I will type more later, I must go take care of Carl, I am his nurse now! :)  I told him he has to do everything I say :)    He is a good patient, not whiney or anything. Needless to say the nurses all loved him. I dont know why all those nurses have to be so darn good looking  :)     I am sure that helps the patients get better. k, gotta go, Thank you all so much for your support you have given us. Lisa

Thursday, May 25 - Hi, I thought I would give an update before I start paying the bills, that is not a fun job. Carl is getting a bit more rested, not much though. His back is really hurting him across the shoulder blade area. He is listening good, but today I noticed he is getting fiesty.....too many people coming in to the auction telling him how he is super man and tough and all that crap. I know he is super man, thats why I married him, :) but he will have to just TALK about all the things he will be doing LATER  :)     Tonight our son Eddie (6) graduates from kindergarden. He just lost a top front tooth on Tuesday the day we came home. I want to say I got a lady's name wrong last week, It was Mrs Rotz that called and helped put us at ease, not Mrs. Lehman. I am sorry Mrs. Rotz, when I was typing I was remembering who your relations were. Carl will be at the auction on friday. He wont be able to stay the whole time. If he does he will have to come in and take a nap, so if he disappears for awhile its cause I stuffed him under the desk on the kids bean bag chair to nap, just kidding. It is comfortable there though. I must get my paper work done now so we can spend the weekend at home. Hope to see you all at the auction soon. Lisa
P.S.  Thank you so much for the cards your sending, its fun when we get the mail and the kids and I watch him open a big stack of cards each night. He is saving them all neatly in their envelopes. He says, look at all the cards I got. You can send cards to the auction or home. 4401 Philadelphia Ave, Chambersburg PA 17201 or 12114 Ocker Dr, Shippensburg, PA 17257.
He even got one from Maine!  So many good people in the world.

Alot of people are asking me what he had done since I had told you he thought of not getting the valve.  He had his aorta completely replaced with a plastic tube, a new metal valve and something about a trunk root or something that it fits in. So he has had his complete 100,000 mi lube job done  :)     the noise is bothering him right now, only because it brings back memories of the pain and hospital....he will get used to it and be fine.
I must warn anyone who is coming this friday, he has mentioned he might try to sell. I have informed him that if he steps foot on the podium to sell that I will make a scene like no one ever has before......and I will   :)    

UPDATE  THURSDAY, JUNE 1 -  Continue to pray for Carls return to health. Yesterday I took him to the hospital (per his heart doc) and he has pnemonia and he will stay there til friday noon and get antibiotics thru IV. He still isnt sleeping. I went in this AM and he said he didnt sleep, just sat there and drifted in and out. I will try to update later. Have sale tonight and I am a bit busy. thanks for your prayers, Lisa

FRIDAY, JUNE 2 - Hi all. Carl was discharged today around 2 pm. We stopped at the auction which started at 3 today and then went home to shower. Then right back in the van to come back to the sale. We will go for bloodwork in the morning. He has fluid around his heart. We will go and get another echo cardiogram on Monday at 7 am to see how its doing. He is taking antibiotics for the pnemonia. Now heres the "makes my stomach hurt" news....When they did a cat scan on thursday to check his pnemonia, it showed a spot on his kidney. They took another cat scan today to look specifically at the kidneys. Should hear the results tonight I hope. Pray that it is nothing. Our daughter Emily thinks it might be one of the little chocolate things in his mint chocolate chip ice cream he likes to eat every night  :)    I am going with Emilys thinking!
Thank you so much for taking the time to send the cards. Its makes the end of the day nice. I want to also mention how much we appreciate our employees and fellow auctioneers who are doing a terrific job! They are going above and beyond to ensure all goes as usual. We couldnt do it without them.

TUESDAY, JUNE  5 - Hi all. Carl has finally been able to fall asleep more each night. He still gets played out easy. The cat scan showed that we will go see a hmmmm.....urologist next thursday and take it from there. Since he has to take an antibiotic for his pnemonia it is reeking havoc with his coumadin doses. He is still listening for the most part. The only thing he has done really is threaten to do work  :)     I remind him of the doc and nurses words. He has one chance to heal properly. He is doing good. He is trying to tell me how to drive some days  :)    Bet he cant wait to drive himself  :)     Its nice the kids are out of school now and after getting his blood work we stop for breakfast and thats nice. I thank the Lord for getting us thru each day. He will get us thru this whole ordeal and we thank him for that and we thank him for people like you!    talk to you soon   Lisa

WEDNESDAY JUNE 14 - Hi Everybody. Yesterday we went to Camp Hill to the heart surgeon. He said all is looking good so far. Carl can drive a little now. Carl still cant lift for a couple months more than the 10lbs and he cant push his body so hard. He has alot of recouping to do. He is getting better each day. The last two friday nights he has overdone being up for so long with no rest. The heart doc said overdoing it will show up in all different ways, fainting, incoherant, all kinds of different ways his body could react. On thursday we go to the urologist to hear what he has to say about the cat scan. Then on Monday, the 26th we go to see the cardiologist who will keep track of his heart. He is still having a lot of blood work done to keep his coumadin adjusted. It will eventually slow down and get regulated. We are looking forward to vacation. Two more sales at the auction house, couple on sites.....You should all plan to attend at the auction house because you know how Carl is before closing for a couple weeks. WE SELL ALOT OF STUFF.....  :)   He is doing a pretty good job of getting this friday crammed full so far. Thanks for the continued cards and prayers. talk to you soon Lisa

FRIDAY, JUNE 16 - Hi everybody. Whelp, we didnt make it to the urologist yesterday. I called Carl around lunch time to ask him something about work and he called me back 5 minutes later to tell me he was having terrible pain in his right side. Stabbing pains. I told him I would call the doc and I proceeded to drive to where he was on a job (supervising) in Upper Strausburg, I was within 2 miles and he called back and asked where was I cause he thought he needed to be checked because it was getting worse. I picked him up and his appt was in an hour but he couldnt wait so we went to the ER instead and they did another cat scan and saw the same spot on his kidney but found nothing else. The pain did subside while we were there and Carl didnt like that we wasted the whole afternoon. :)    what are you gonna do? So doc called Central Penna urologists at our request and set up an appointment for tuesday the 27th, so monday the 26th its the heart doc and then tuesday to Camp Hill. Today I got back to auction from market and Carl says, its coming back......he started drinking more and says he is ok, sometimes I think he tells me little white lies.....I can always tell though, he cant fool me. We hope you all have a good weekend and Happy Fathers day!  Lisa

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